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Recommit To Get Fit And More For 2024

By January 15, 2024January 23rd, 2024Uncategorised

It’s that time of year when the excesses of holiday indulgence may have left its mark. Perhaps it’s some extra padding, or that sluggish feeling that sabotages all plans to get back into your fitness and health regime. Whatever the barriers, stepping back into your trainers and strapping on the fitbit can feel overwhelming, so it’s time to adapt a plan.
You’ve celebrated, cut loose and hopefully been able to rest and recharge, now you need to recalibrate. Here’s a few back to basic tips that will help you find your rhythm:

  1. Quality over Quantity – Less time doesn’t mean less effective workouts. Knowing you don’t have to slog it out for hours at the gym helps maintain commitment and gets great results when done efficiently. The High Country Fitness timetable is loaded with varied and exciting 30 minute classes from HIIT style RPM and cardio sessions through to Les Mills Grit workouts that will get your body powering.
  2. The longer and warmer summer days mean there’s the opportunity to smash out a heart pumping session before work or catch up with a friend for a late afternoon “buddy training” workout to spur your conviction.
  3. Nutrition and Hydration – yep, drink lots of water throughout each day not just during exercise. Do your best to eat a balance of nutrient rich and diverse whole foods that nourish and energise the body. Enjoy and savour fresh summer salads and fruits to help your body detox and get a good kick of serotonin to boot.
  4. Have FUN – It’s summer time, it’s the beginning of another lap around the sun. Jumpstart your body, get your groove back, rope in friends and family to follow through on their New Year’s resolutions and don’t procrastinate. Just leap back in.

And remember, the eager and energetic staff at High Country Fitness are ready to empower and support you in hitting your personal health and fitness goals. So get back in the game and bring on 2024.